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O RETINA.International Research Group founded in 2000 by François Soulages and it is under his direction that this group implements aesthetic and theoretical research on new and old images.( The Colóquio RETINA Internacional here in Brazil, it is an event distributed in a network, comprising institutions from different states – São Paulo and Brasília, in this edition. The event is annual and brings together research that relates aesthetics, art, design, science and technology. In this sense, the Graduate Program in Design at UAM, as well as the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at UnB and MediaLab / BR, present the theme of this shared edition.

THE Colóquio RETINA Internacional, in 2019, he presented two actions: a colloquium at the Anhembi-Morumbi University and another colloquium at the University of Brasília, with guests exclusively, who participate as speakers, and in communications at roundtables. The participation of listeners is free and seeks to bring researches closer to the institutions involved in Brazil together with Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis, with which we have established effective partnerships for over ten years. The products of these meetings are published in annals, in books and in periodicals. The general objective of the events is to promote, disseminate and compare research in progress in the main research centers in the country and abroad inserted in the media, galleries and museums to contribute to the reflection, the formulation of theories and the history of the current culture.

In São Paulo, the event is organized by PPG-Design from Universidade Anhembi-Morumbi and aims to discuss the Prazer da Imagem, to honor Roland Barthes, who evokes, in his reflections, the pleasure of the image and the pleasure of the text. Pleasure and pain are the fundamental tones of any type or form of “emotion. To determine its characteristics, it is necessary to understand the function attributed to emotions, and for this reason pleasure is related to the general theory of emotions.

Organizing committee:

  • François Soulages (Université Paris 8, França);
  • Gilbertto Prado (UAM – Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Brasil);
  • Suzete Venturelli (UAM – Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Brasil)

Scientific commission

  • Biaggio D’Ângelo (UnB – University of Brasilia, Brazil);
  • Clarissa Ribeiro (Unifor – University of Fortaleza, Brazil);
  • Francisco de Paula Barretto (UFBA – Federal University of Bahia, Brazil);
  • Luisa Paraguai (PUC – Pontifical Catholic University – Campinas, Brazil);
  • Malu Fragoso (UFRJ –Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil);
  • Monica Tavares (USP – University of São Paulo, Brazil);
  • Rachel Zuanon (Unicamp – University of São Paulo, Brazil);
  • Sandra Rey (UFRGS – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil);
  • Sergio Nesteriuk (UAM – Anhembi Morumbi University, Brazil).


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  • Bruna Letícia Estevão da Silva (PPGDesign UAM Scholarship);
  • Claudia Facca;
  • Fabiola Maria Cardozo de Brito (PPGDesign UAM Scholarship);
  • Jaime Martin Vega Rocabado (PPGDesign UAM Scholarship).

Periodicity of publication

  • Yearly

Language (s)

  • Portuguese.
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