DAT Meeting – Design, Art and Technology

THE DAT Meeting – Design, Art and Technology – from the Postgraduate Program in Design throughout Anhembi Morumbi University (UAM), it aims to bring together thinkers from national and international universities with a specific focus on creative cultural and technological sectors that develop research, projects, ideas, innovation and entrepreneurial activities. It explores the potential to blur the boundaries between design, art and technology with specific reference to discuss creativity in design and technology – examining how digital technology is approached by artists and designers.

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Link Symposium

Practice-driven research allows art and design professionals approaches to discover, apply and communicate original knowledge that has direct implications for their practice. Since the 1980s, the emergence of doctoral research conducted by practice has opened the door for these professionals to develop distinct methodological approaches to the way they navigate knowledge in action.

The objective of this interdisciplinary event is to raise awareness about approaches oriented to practice in Art and Design and to encourage professionals and educators to understand the possibilities of research methodologies. The presenters will demonstrate the research potential when the practice is an integrated component of the study and constitutes a form of investigation to contextualize their practice based on a series of procedures and methodological structures.

The first international LINK Symposium on practice-oriented research in design was held on the South Campus of Auckland University of Technology (AUT). It was an opportunity to bring a community together in a dialogue about methods and methodologies related to design-oriented research in practice. The event includes presentations on a variety of methodological approaches and epistemologies within Design and Visual Arts – graphic and game design, indigenous epistemologies and post-photography, presented by teachers, speakers and emerging researchers.

The second edition of the LINK Practice-oriented Symposium was initially planned to take place in São Paulo, Brazil, in June 2020. Since staying connected is critical and due to the limitations of traveling during the Covid-19 epidemic, the conference will both offer an online option for the international community and will also be held on the Auckland University of Technology campus in South Auckland, Aoteaora New Zealand.

We invite the design community and researchers to join us and be inspired by the experiences shared by the possibilities of practice-oriented research and the culture of practice in the design studio.

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RETINA International Colloquium

THE RETINA.International Research Group was founded in 2000 by François Soulages (University Paris 8 – Saint Denis) and it is under his direction that this group implements aesthetic and theoretical research on new and old images. The Retina.International Colloquium here in Brazil, is an event distributed in a network, comprising different Higher Education Institutions.

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Design Researchers Seminar

The proposal to create the Design Researchers Seminar at the Anhembi Morumbi University (UAM), from the second half of 2006, sought to comply with the principle of inseparability and equivalence between the practices of Teaching, Research and Extension. In addition to offering recognized Teaching activities, UAM, with this proposal led by PPG Design, gave visibility to the promotion of institutional investigations and, mainly, led and provided Extension practices offering the possibility to students, teachers, graduates and other interested parties, of dialogue with researchers from other national and international institutions. Free and open to public participation, the Seminars disseminate, since their establishment, the results of investigations in the field of culture and technological and scientific research. Its reach provides and promotes the dissemination of these results and has ensured, over more than a decade, the consolidation of the relationship between the community and the university when receiving in these events, researchers from other institutions, as well as interested parties belonging to the commercial, cultural, social circuits and artistic. Thus, it emphasized one of its main characteristics: that of enabling intense and continuous exchanges of knowledge within the scope of Design in its varied dimensions and contemporary practices. The activities of the UAM Design Researchers Seminars aim at training researchers and other professionals in the field of Design, with the necessary skills and abilities according to the area documents, but also with a critical view of society and the production and dissemination of knowledge. This relationship between the institution and the community, in addition to promoting its visibility, meets the objectives of PPG Design, functioning as a mechanism of interaction between students, teachers, graduates, researchers and other professionals. Thus, it contributes qualitatively to the formation and performance of this community, promoting actions of economic, social and cultural impact. Link: Design Seminars