The Graduate Programs in Design at Anhembi Morumbi University and the European University are signatories to an international academic agreement for the elaboration of doctoral theses in cotutela with a view to double titling.

The agreement establishes internationalization as a strategic guideline, placing teaching, research and innovation in a perspective of globalization, affirming the influence in the Portuguese-speaking space and strengthening partnerships and agreements with a view to increasing the mobility of students, teachers and researchers .

The doctoral student will be referred by his / her home institution to the partner institution, through a specific commitment term. The agreement does not imply commitment of mandatory financial support on behalf of the signatory institutions, such as expenses related to travel, accommodation, meals, enrollment and academic fees. Such expenses may, eventually, be financed by external bodies, such as foundations for research support, by institutions linked to doctoral students or else they will be borne by the student himself.

The thesis is supervised jointly by a professor linked to PPG Design from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and another with PPG Design from Universidade Europea. The total period of stay in each of the two countries must not be less than 30% of the period foreseen for carrying out the thesis, nor less than one year, which may, if justified, correspond to interspersed periods.

The thesis will have a single defense, to be carried out at the University indicated in the Term of Commitment (Anhembi Morumbi University or European University), obeying the provisions of its Postgraduate Standards, being recognized by both institutions. Each institution issues a diploma separately, which attests to the degree awarded and mentions the other institution as a partner in the preparation of the doctoral thesis in cotutela.

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